What do you need to apply?

1. (REQUIRED) Register on the website

You need to be registered as an Entrepreneur and have at least one Business Summary added on the Ghana Innovation Hub website for the business you are applying with. Please note that for application for this program– you do not have to fill all the information requested in the business summary. For more information, please check our tutorial page.


2. (REQUIRED) Upload the Application Form

Please fill in the Application Form with your personal and business information as well as an optional video pitch, and attach it to your Business Summary (not your entrepreneur profile). If you are having trouble attaching documents to your business summary, please watch these easy steps, stop by the Ghana Innovation Hub for support or email us info@ghanainnovationhub.com. 


3. (REQUIRED) Upload a document describing your prototype

Please describe or show what your app will look like. You can use your own template and upload along with your application (maximum 3 pages)


Please attach CVs of relevant team members to your Business Summary. Again, you can use your own template but not more than 3 pages for each CV.

5. (OPTIONAL) Business Registration Document

Please upload your certificate of registration to your Business Summary.

6. (OPTIONAL) Endorsement letter

Upload along with your application. Find a template here:


7. (REQUIRED) Go to www.ghanainnovationhub.com/waterapps and click ‘Apply Now’.

A new page will open, where you click 'Participate' and select the business you want to apply with - then click 'Apply'. Your application is now saved in draft. If you have uploaded all required documents, scroll down and click ‘submit’ on the page to make your application official. You will see a notification that 'you have successfully submitted your application'.

Selection dates


September 15th: Online Application deadline




September 24&25: A two day training on the model and the intended customer (please keep these days free when you apply – if you are invited to the bootcamp you will be informed on September 20th)

Program dates


Pitching / Interview day: October 8th at the Ghana Innovation Hub


Announcement of winning team: October 11th


Submission of workplan of winning team: October 18th


Deadline for tested and working application: December 1st 2019





Please contact info@ghanainnovationhub.com in case of any questions. We look forward to your applications!