Selection dates

January 29th: Online Application deadline (midnight GMT)

February 15th: Start-ups will be announced

Training days

29th Feb - 1st March

7th March - 8th March

28th March - 29th March

4th April - 5th April

25th April - 26th April

2nd May - 3rd May

Final networking event

Final networking event: 15th May

Weekly coaching hour during the program and 1 day per month of coach support – to be scheduled as needed.

What do you need to apply?

  1. Register on the website

You need to be registered as an Entrepreneur and have at least one Business Summary added on the Ghana Innovation Hub website for the business you are applying with. Please note that for application for this program– you do not have to fill all the information requested in the business summary. For more information, please check our tutorial page.

*The Acceleration Factory is located in the Ghana Innovation Hub.

  1. Fill the Application Form (external Google form)

Please fill in the Application Form. Please note that this application form is filled through Google Forms. Your application will only be considered when when you have completed this form.


To ensure participation and commitment to the program, selected businesses will pay a GHC1000 deposit upon selection which will be refunded to them after full participation for the program workshops and coaching.

About the program


The Acceleration Factory Program runs for 4 months – from February 2020 to May 2020. During this period, you will be getting training from qualified professionals, mentoring from industry experts and you will have access to a resident entrepreneur for extra coaching. Collectively the team is here to ensure you grow your sales to a new level.

There are 12 workshop days with all company owners, focusing on human centered design, buyer behaviour, sales techniques, business branding, social media marketing, accounting and finances, governance and compliance, improving your operations, building partnerships, and creating an HR strategy.

Next to this, we will also have regular network sessions with key note talks for key people from the industry. During the program, you and your team will also have access to working space at the Ghana Innovation Hub. At the end of the program you should have a growth plan with clear KPIs, know who to target and how to reach them to further your business.

In May 2020, there will be a networking event for you to promote your (new) products and services.

Selection Criteria

We will be selecting between 5 - 10 tech businesses and are looking for registered businesses with existing sales. You are currently in business and have generated sales and are now looking to grow that sales by developing new products, or expanding into new markets. We are sector agnostic, but your company has to have a tech focus. Our selection criteria are:

  • The business is registered at The Registrar General and is an IT based / enabled business
  • You are already generating monthly revenues and you are ideally past proof of concept. You have financial statements to support claim and show amount generated over the last 2 years
  • You have a sustainable business model and there is an opportunity to scale the business (local / internationally).
  • The company has more than 2 full time team members
  • The team is not involved in any other program concurrently as the acceleration factory
  • The founder / CEO is available for acceleration factory dates listed below. Ideally whole team or other relevant members should come for some selected sessions. (e.g. IT for product development, Sales/Marketing for buyer behaviour)
  • The team is able to commute to the hub for the training on the selected dates (No transport or accommodation will be provided)
  • The founder is over the age of 18


Please contact or call 0556959376 in case of any questions. We look forward to your applications!