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Joe Nabin

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University - Bachelors



  • Fair weigh to sell or buy anywhere and pay or get paid instantly and still have your transacted information wherever you go
  • This is equipment that weighs farm produce and generates values for display on a viewable screen whilst also logging the transacted data unto cloud-based software (platform). The hardware is integrated with instant mobile money and bank payments anywhere. The platform uses more algorithms and structured protocols to generate and provide real-time actionable reports directly into the inboxes of the transacting and or interested parties via SMSs and/or emails.
  • Other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding
  • Ghana


Farmbridge Systems Limited

  • Farmbridge Systems Limited
  • 29-11-2017
  • Post Office Box, FNT 305, Fante Newtown +233244067500 0233
  • Kumasi GH
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