Selected Businesses for the #innov8GH incubation program

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Last Wednesday and Thursday the selection days for the #innov8GH program were held at the Ghana Innovation Hub.

After a more detailed introduction of the #innov8GH program, entrepreneurs were asked to introduce their business ideas in a 2-minute pitch. They informed us of the the problem they had identified, the solution they are developing and the way they intend to make money with this idea.

The entrepreneurs also filled a self-assessment of their entrepreneurship type, which will help identify their preferences and allow for better coaching during the program. It is also a way for us to track any changes in their perception of themselves as entrepreneurs before and after the program.

All businesses also had an interview with members of the selection committee, consisting of representatives from BlueSpace Africa, GTUC and MDF West Africa, the consortium behind the Ghana Innovation Hub.

We thank all applicants for the time and effort you put into your applications and congratulate the selected businesses: ENOVATICOM, Farmbridge Systems Limited, ICEGH Kiddie Shuttles Services, KAYC, MATYA-GHANA LIMITED, Mensarco Limited, Organic Egg Powder, Organic Feeds, SpaceWek Ltd, SPEAKUP Live , TILAA LTD, Tropical growers, Yenko Travels and Zoenets.

The #innov8GH program is a three-month program to improve market access, operational efficiency and financial management within the companies. During the three months, businesses participate in 7 workshop days, receive weekly coaching and have access to the co-working space of the Ghana Innovation Hub. The next edition of the program will most likely start in July 2019.