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Etornam Fianoo-Vidza

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  • Africa has over 2000 active languages. Being multilingual is not a luxury or a hobby for us, it is an indispensable tool for getting around and doing business. Unfortunately, there is no great solution; i) made specifically with our context in mind, content does not feature our environment and culture ii) for learning indigenous African languages online SPiiKA is a subscription-based language learning platform that solves these two problems by using a hybrid learning approach to make language acquisition relatable, practical and fun. Our learners love the fact that there are human teachers to help them through the journey, instead of games that will get them nowhere close to fluency. Our MRR has grown 970% this year. We have so far only used third party platforms, bootstrapped and taught only 1 language. With our own tech, we can support many more languages.
  • Ghana
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