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THE PROBLEM: There are many Ghanaians and Africans who love to enjoy their local snacks but are unable to do so due to their unavailability outside their local communities, countries/ continent (Africa). Traditional snacks are still made the same way, sold the same way with very little improvement in packaging and presentation. The continuous cycle of Ghana/Africa exporting raw materials and then reimporting finished goods for trade must be reversed. We must develop the raw materials into finished goods and also export to the rest of the world. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION:� Produce good quality tasty local snacks in hygienic environment Create New fun ways of consuming local snacks with modern food packaging materials Introduce new variety with twists of fresh, exotic, African, Western flavours with existing products Provide fun content while consuming snack

  • Our Mission is to make clean healthy local snacks using local products & improving these local ingredients using creativity and technology.
  • Micky Foods Ltd (Mickys) is Limited Liability company that was established in Ghana in 2014. Mickys is the brain child of founder Michael Arkutu who found the need for a cleaner healthier way to consume local snacks. At Mickys, we aim at transforming traditional Ghanaian snacks into healthier well packaged snacks for your everyday people and families across West Africa and the world.
  • Manufacture of other food products n.e.c.
  • Ghana
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