21 November 2021

Splash2020 Enterprise  by  Mariam Essel

In a few words

It is a sachet water production business with 11 employees. The business supplies its sachet water within the central region of Ghana dispatching about 900 to 1000 bags daily. The company started in 2nd September 2020 and had been operating continuous till now. It is a registered business with RGD with RGD number BN184252020 and product and facility had been duely been registered with the Food and Drugs Board Authority with product lisence number FDA/Wt 20C-267

Basic information

Stage of business Established / Scaling
Countries of business Ghana

The Team

Role of the entrepreneur Manager of the company
Expertise of the entrepreneur Performs all managerial activities including financial management to employees management and ensuring the day to day smooth running of the business.