16 October 2020

Plange Star Ltd.  by  Duku I. Plange

In a few words

We produce fresh fruit and vegetables daily to meet any juice needs of clients; for household, family, events, small scale use or bulk usage. Our goal is to help people take their healthy living lifestyle serious by providing them with a wide variety of healthy juices, as a preferred option to other, artificially created products. Our products are 100% natural, no color, no sugar, no additives. Our idea client is everyone who wants to begin a healthy living lifestyle or want to improve on what is there. We produce juice daily to meet up demands.

Basic information

Stage of business Start-up / Ideation
Countries of business Ghana

The Team

Role of the entrepreneur generating funds and sales
Expertise of the entrepreneur As a trained business development professional, I bring on my marketing and sales experience to generate sales for the business.