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30 June 2019

Oniocha Bookstore  by  David Quartey

We are the bridge between authors and readers in Africa.

In a few words

We provide a user-friendly platform for customers to buy (readers) and sell (authors) books in Ghana and Africa. Mission: Providing Africans across the continent with easy access to print publications. Vision: to be the bridge between authors/publishers and readers in all parts of the continent and to foster a vibrant community for the growth of African literature

Basic information

Stage of business Start-up / Ideation
Countries of business Angola, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Industry Book publishing
Other publishing activities
Social impact Education, Job creation, Other social benefits and Poverty reduction

The Team

Role of the entrepreneur Chief Executive Officer
Expertise of the entrepreneur i am skilled in web design, graphic design, digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, I have some expertise in design, digital marketing, and woocommerce. I designed the website for the business.

Supporting members of management team

Deborah Saki
Creative Director Digital Marketing Blogging Administrative duties- accounting, stock-taking, processing web and email based orders and book reservations, organizing deliveries, Customer service