Physical space


Whether you are in Accra for just a day, or looking for office space for a longer period of time, you can come work and network at the hub.

  • Co-working desks

  • Private offices

  • A brainstorm space

  • A board room

  • Meeting rooms

  • A training and events space

..and a coffee corner for your drinks and snacks!

Business development services and investment matchmaking


We offer support in the ideation, incubation and acceleration stages; working towards

business growth with the entrepreneurs we support.


You are developing your idea or looking for inspiration for new product or service development for your existing business



You can join one of our workshops, networking events, or short courses to develop the right idea




The goal is to develop your idea or a first business model


You are developing your idea into a business model and/or testing the assumptions in your business model in the market



You can join one of our incubation programs or apply for coaching to further build your product, service, team and business model



The goal is to find product market fit


You have developed your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and are generating substantial revenues through your customers



You can join one of our accelerator programs to equipt your business for growth and investment




The goal is to grow and scale the business

Our incubation and acceleration programs combine technology support,

business model support and capacity building for your organization and your team.

Find more information on or events here.



Ecosystem support


We provide training, tools and learning solutions for hubs and their entrepreneurs.

We can train your staff or profile the businesses you work with.








The Ghana Innovation Hub was set up by a consortium of BlueSpace Africa, the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) and MDF West Africa, under the eTranfsorm program of the Ministry of Communications.